Diaries, Diaries, Diaries...

Do you usually capture your memories on paper? I've found it's so much easier with a digital camera. Then I can share with family and friends all the color, movement, and even emotion of the moment.

You're welcome to browse these memories I've accumulated over a period of time, and experience the events along with me. They are posted by date, in reverse order.

Surgery and recuperation

May-July 2004. On May 12, I suffered a ruptured aneurysm in my brain, a condition from which more than 70% either die or suffer serious impairment.
     I survived intricate neurosurgery, spent a couple months in recuperation, then got back to work almost as if nothing had happened. Was it a miracle? Erlinda and I think so. Decide for yourself.

Aunt Kitty

April, 2004. On April 26, our "Aunt Kitty," Ms. Edna Parchment, passed away. I had just returned from Paris three days before, and was just looking forward to a little rest. But Erlinda and I jumped on a plane the next day for the funeral in Jamaica, intending to stay for two weeks.
     Little did we know that we'd be there for three months, because of the medical crisis that was just about to happen.


April 2004. I traveled to Paris to teach a Connected Applications course for Microsoft. It was targeted at their European trainers and other employees, and at enterprise developers in key corporations who were using Microsoft development tools.
     My buddy Steve Borg and I were team teachers, and we had students from a variety of countries. Take a peek at reminiscences from more than a week in the city of light.


September 2003. I taught a course for Microsoft in Amsterdam, my first visit to Europe. It was special because Erlinda took the trip with me. We had a ball touring Amsterdam and the surrounding countryside.
     Check out some of the history and beauty of the Netherlands in this photo diary.


September 2003. I left Hong Kong on September 7, heading for the jewel of the Orient, Singapore.
     Here Steve Borg and I taught an even larger group than in Hong Kong.
     Once again, they included Microsoft employees, trainers and other professionals from several countries, including New Zealand, Viet Nam, Thailand, and others.

Hong Kong

September 2003. I taught a course for Microsoft in Hong Kong. It was my first trip to the Far East, and it was great. One of the cool things was that it was my first experience with digital photography.
     I bought my camera in Hong Kong and then shot everything in sight. The photo on the right is a self-portrait taken in the elevator of the Rosedale hotel in Hong Kong. I have this thing with photos and elevators.

The Equipment

A number of people have asked what camera I used to capture these moments. It was an Olympus C-750 that I bought in Hong Kong, later lost in the Orlando Airport (of all places, right at home), and then replaced with an identical model.
     I've been very satisfied with it. It has 10x optical zoom as well as 4x digital, and uses XD cards, a very compact format.
     I try to shoot with natural light as much as possible, adding flash only when needed, such as when I'd like some fill-in illumination in backlit daytime shots.
     The C-750 has a hot shoe, so pretty soon I think I'll add a hot-shoe flash to my equipment, but for now, I simply use the built-in flash. It's served me pretty well so far in a variety of low-light situations.
     For more information on the C-770, the successor to the 750, click here.
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