Rugless Litepaper V1.0

The Problem

“I want to start learning about web3 and pick an NFT community to buy into but where should I even begin?Ever heard a friend say that? Yeah, me too.The current web3 onboarding process is broken.We can’t bring in the next million people if the first thing that comes to mind is ‘scam jpegs’.We need increased transparency, better project discovery and more accountability from project teams.

The Solution

Rugless is the first review platform for web3, on a mission to bring transparency to the industry.Our vision is to build the first community-powered library for the metaverse and help users make better decisions.


Review A Project

Why Reviews Matter?

  • Visibility on genuine experiences
  • Transparency enables better decision making
  • Revealed bad actors
  • Feedback for project teams helps to deliver relevant and better value
  • Reviews are the healthiest way users can research and vet projects

How to Submit a Review?

1- Click “Submit Review” button in the top right corner or the website, or just below the header area.Connect your wallet first if you haven’t logged in yet.2- Complete the submission form. The review should focus on your experience and not be a project analysis. Think how you’d review a restaurant on Google Reviews - you’d talk about the ambience, food, service and your feedback and not about the business growth. 3- Submit and see your review on your profile page.

Earn Points

For every review that is approved and published, you will earn 10 Rugless Points (RPs). For every upvote you give to published reviews by others, you will earn 1 RP. You will be able to upvote a maximum of 5 projects every week. Your upvote credits will reset every 7 days after your first upvote.RPs will be tokens to level up your experience within the Rugless and broader Web3 ecosystem. More details will be shared in time.

Future of Rugless

Rugless is starting off with a focus on discover and review features, but will expand to add earn and own. We hope hearing this gives you the right hints and gets you excited for what is to come in the near future. Version 1.0 of Rugless is going to help us get off the ground and start optimizing our platform through user feedback.In the next versions, we will enable users to review (only) the tokens they’ve engaged with, expand the scope from NFT communities to all web3 brands (products, DAOs, DApps, metaverses, etc) and enable earning mechanisms for reviews submitted.Rugless will change how we learn and make decisions in Web3. Get ready for a BETTER WEB3.